ryanb/cancan 6319

Authorization Gem for Ruby on Rails.

ryanb/letter_opener 3195

Preview mail in the browser instead of sending.

ryanb/dotfiles 2173

config files for zsh, bash, completions, gem, git, irb, rails

ryanb/nifty-generators 2005

A collection of useful Rails generator scripts.

ryanb/nested_form 1802

Rails plugin to conveniently handle multiple models in a single form.

ryanb/populator 396

Mass populate an Active Record database.

ryanb/complex-form-examples 306

Various ways to handle multi-model forms in Rails.

ryanb/mustard 146

Simple "must" expectations for tests and specs in Ruby.

ryanb/govsgo 141

Rails 3 app for playing the board game Go online.

ryanb/cocoa-web-app-example 93

A Cocoa application to demonstrate the interaction between Objective-C and JavaScript in a WebView.

issue commentrails/jbuilder

Bad propagation of format with partial! when using render

This has resurfaced for me in Rails 6. Passing the formats: [:json] option is necessary otherwise I get the missing template error.

json.posts list.posts.order('created_at DESC'), partial: 'jbuilders/post.json.builder', as: :post

Including the extension has a couple unwanted side effects:

  • Relative locales do not lookup the template path correctly (it includes the extension).
  • The fragment cache key includes the json.jbuilder extension. If you render the partial a different way elsewhere it will generate two caches since they have a different key.

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issue commentrails/jbuilder

Rendering nested JBuilder partials requires formats: [:json] to be passed

I'm running into this in Rails 6. Perhaps it has regressed? I find formats: [:json] necessary otherwise I get the missing template error.


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Fix copying open PT story when on its own

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