ryanb/cancan 6320

Authorization Gem for Ruby on Rails.

ryanb/letter_opener 3107

Preview mail in the browser instead of sending.

ryanb/dotfiles 2142

config files for zsh, bash, completions, gem, git, irb, rails

ryanb/nifty-generators 2009

A collection of useful Rails generator scripts.

ryanb/nested_form 1801

Rails plugin to conveniently handle multiple models in a single form.

ryanb/private_pub 881

Handle pub/sub messaging through private channels in Rails using Faye.

ryanb/populator 394

Mass populate an Active Record database.

ryanb/complex-form-examples 305

Various ways to handle multi-model forms in Rails.

ryanb/mustard 146

Simple "must" expectations for tests and specs in Ruby.

ryanb/govsgo 143

Rails 3 app for playing the board game Go online.

issue commentKazetsukai/onetech

Recipe Board

Since I have not had time to work on this recently, I've uploaded my WIP branch here:


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create barnchKazetsukai/onetech

branch : crafting-board

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Change tools category to match +tool

This way one can easily see what tools are available.

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