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elia/timetap 73

TimeTap helps you track the time you spend coding on each project while in TextMate.

rwilcox/bbedit_clippings_clippings 22

BBEdit Clippings to help you make BBEdit Clippings. Meta enough for you?

rwilcox/bbedit-diff-language-module 15

A Language Module for BBEdit to display diffs

rwilcox/bbedit_opinionated 8

Opinionated Scripts and clippings for BBEdit

rwilcox/dash.bbpackage 4

A BBEdit package for interacting with

rwilcox/bbedit-macportportfile-language-module 3

A BBEdit language module for MacPorts portfiles

rwilcox/bbedit_rails_filters 3

A community collection of useful BBEdit filters for Rails

rwilcox/bbedit_rails_scripts 2

Applescripts to make Rails development with BBEdit easier

rwilcox/business_time 2

Support for doing time math in business hours and days

paulmederos/Blacklist 1

Blacklist will allow customers to be heard by businesses, and allow businesses to track what their customers needs are. We started working on this project back in the Summer of 2010, but have since put it on hold. A decision was made to open-source the code for now so that other developers can learn :)


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fork collindonnell/ryans_rails.bbpackage

A BBEdit package for Ruby on Rails development!!!

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created repositorymocra/rails-tailwindcss

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created repositorymocra/subfolder-rails-activestorage-blobs

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fork wickkidd/vue-bug-hunt

Not a stand-up fight; sorry, Bill Paxton.

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fork bokmann/pentagram

Architecture Kata 2021

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fork bokmann/ArchElekt

Architectural Katas 2021 Fall - Group ArchElekt

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fork bokmann/sysopsquad

The Sysops Squad Architectural Kata

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fork bokmann/sysops-squad

Architectural Katas April - May 2021 - Team Arch Mahal (Team 17)

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fork bokmann/TheMadKatas

Entry to the O'Reilly 2021 Architectural Kata

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created repositoryElixirFocus/

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created repositoryElixirFocus/brick_house

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