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Bob "Wombat" Hogg rwhogg BlueCat Networks Toronto, Canada Dev-of-all-trades, University of Waterloo graduate, and a wombat. A former maintainer of Linuxbrew (now Homebrew on Linux)

rwhogg/validate-it 2

Validate any file type (well, a lot of them, anyways)

rwhogg/what-the-hex 2

Hexagonal puzzle game

rwhogg/bobs-git-utils 1

Bob W. Hogg's Git utilities

rwhogg/BrewDepTester 1

DEPRECATED by brew linkage

rwhogg/eslint-config-rwhogg 1

Sane ESLint configuration

rwhogg/eslint-config-rwhogg-react 1

ESLint config (for React projects)

rwhogg/gulp-es5validate 1

Validate Ecmascript 5 code and report possible syntax errors

rwhogg/gulp-flowcheck 1

A gulp plugin for Flow (DEPRECATED)

rwhogg/gulp-jsduck 1

gulp plugin for jsduck

rwhogg/handlebars-validate 1

A tool for bulk validation of Handlebars templates.


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fork XhmikosR/packagephobia

⚖️ Find the cost of adding a new dependency to your project

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fork zeke/refined-github

:octocat: Browser extension that simplifies the GitHub interface and adds useful features

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created repositorygahogg/YouTube

The Repository for all code I use in my Data Science and Machine Learning Courses on YouTube

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fork darkwing/connect

:link: A platform for easy integration of Trezor into 3rd party services

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created repositoryclaui/cookiecutter-python-package

Cookiecutter template for generating Python projects with a focus on long-term maintainability and a reliable setup

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fork egamma/vue-simple

This project was created to help represent a fundamental app written with Vue. The heroes and villains theme is used throughout the app.

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fork caarlos0/gotable

Go helper to print a table of data to stdout

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created repositoryronin-rb/ronin-repos

A ronin library for managing repositories

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