Ryan Anderson rustyoldrake IBM San Francisco I like to play with data, analytics and hack around with robots and gadgets in my garage.

rustyoldrake/ibm_watson_unity 10

Loose collection of pieces related to IBM Watson SDK and Unity Package

rustyoldrake/IBM_Watson_NLC_ICD10_Health_Codes 7

ICD-10 nternational Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems - Ground Truth and some Experimental R Code for NL Classifier

rustyoldrake/earthquake.arduino 5

Arduino Code for a very sensitive seismic detector incl FFT fourier frequency analysis (rough)

rustyoldrake/Character-Cartridges-Embodied-Identity 2

POC for Sensemaking Systems with Emotional & Anthropomorphic Traits - and synthetic identity

rustyoldrake/Data_Viz_Kohonen_Hockey 2

R Script that creates a KOHONEN Self Organizing Map (SOM) to organize and visualize hockey stats

rustyoldrake/audiophile_audiofiles 1

audiophile_audiofiles - audio files and scripts to edit them

rustyoldrake/Harry_Potter_Sorting_Hat_Simple 1

Some code for a SIMPLIFIED version of the Harry Potter Sorting hat #STEM project that leverages IBM Watson services

rustyoldrake/project_fourier 1

Raw Materials and Work in Progress for FFT Fourier Transform Spectral Analysis of Audio / VIbration on Raspberry PI

rustyoldrake/1001-Data-Sets 0

1001 Data Sets

rustyoldrake/AlchemyAPI_IBM_R_Studio 0

AlchemyAPI_IBM_R_Studio - Using R to tickle ML API's