rustyio/sync 696

On-the-fly recompiling and reloading in Erlang. Code without friction.

rustyio/super-imap 216

SuperIMAP - Monitor inboxes for incoming email, at scale.

rustyio/BERT-JS 137

Javascript implementation of BERT serialization (Binary ERlang Term).

glassroom/git-gpg 26

Use git on an untrusted server via a GPG-encrypted repository.

rustyio/BinaryVice 21

BinaryVice is better than term_to_binary/1 at serializing structured Erlang data.

rustyio/dasht 14

Simple, beautiful, full-screen dashboards.

rustyio/ErlangRPCDemo 13

Demo code for ErlangDC 2011 Conference (

rustyio/fzf.vim 0

fzf :heart: vim

rustyio/git-spit 0

Code in the cloud.