microsoft/code-challenges 120

Built for //BUILD 2017; this repo contains 15 minutes code challenges across data platform and analytics. Inclusive of; SQL Server on Linux, Azure SQL Database, Azure DocumentDB, Azure Search, HDInsight, MySQL as a Service, PostgreSQL as a Service, Bot Framework, Python Tools for Visual Studio, R Tools for Visual Studio. Get challenged, learn new stuff, fork the repo, contribute to the repo, and get a sneak peak the exciting world of Microsoft products and services.

rustd/ASPNETTemplates 16

VS2012 templates for ASP.NET MVC, WebForms and WebPages

hdinsight/hdinsight-dev-guide 14

HDInsight Developer Guide

rustd/AspNetSocialLoginSqlMembership 14

Integrate SqlMembership to login using Oauth/OpenId

rustd/FBLogin 14


rustd/FacebookAppTemplate 3

Facebook Template for MVC

jeremymeng/StackExchange.Redis 1

General purpose redis client

rustd/ASPNET45-VS11 1

Sample demo and slides of the improvements in the next version of aspnet for web developers


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started time in a month