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rubencaro/cipher 55

Elixir crypto library to encrypt/decrypt arbitrary binaries

rubencaro/bottler 40

Get your Elixir into proper recipients, and serve it nicely to final consumers

rubencaro/bolt 1

A world-record-fast task runner based on Ruby processes

admanmedia/litmus 0

Data schema validation in Elixir

rubencaro/.emacs 0

My emacs config file

rubencaro/.vim 0

Vim folder

rubencaro/ace 0

Ace ( Cloud9 Editor)

rubencaro/acer 0

POC for Ace server, Distillery and OMG

rubencaro/advanced-ruby-cartridge 0

Advanced Ruby cartridge for OpenShift with support for popular web servers and JRuby.

release microsoft/vscode


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release hakimel/reveal.js


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pull request commentrubencaro/cipher

Make library compatible with OTP24

That's ok. I had to do this for my current project at work, but we might as well merge it upstream too then 😉. Thanks for merging and have a nice weekend!


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PR opened rubencaro/cipher

Make library compatible with OTP24

In OTP24, :crypto.block_encrypt/4 and :crypto.block_decrypt/4 are removed. This PR is based on changes from this other PR to make cipher work on OTP24.

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fork luc-tielen/cipher

Elixir crypto library to encrypt/decrypt arbitrary binaries

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PR opened rubencaro/sshex

Ignore dangling messages from previous runs

This commit fixes cases where a dangling message would cause a subsequent run to fail.

This would happen when a timeout occurs, but the messages still get received by the calling process. Then on the next call, SSHEx would not differentiate between the messages of the previous run and the messages of the current run.

This commit fixes it by making the messages unambiguous, making sure that they belong to the conn and channel being used on the current call.

It also removes the compatibility with the {:error, reason} message format, as it is not a message the :ssh module sends, and it severely hinders the ability to differentiate between messages from the current and previous runs.

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fork costaraphael/sshex

Simple SSH helpers for Elixir. SSH is useful, but we all love SSHEx !

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fork jonnypjohnston/gedit_hacks

Compilation of my gedit config files.

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