Rob Spieldenner rspieldenner @Netflix , @nebula-plugins Mountain View, CA

rspieldenner/creatinggradleplugins 11

Examples for presentations about building gradle plugins

rspieldenner/aegisthus 0

A Bulk Data Pipeline out of Cassandra

rspieldenner/archaius 0

Library for configuration management API

rspieldenner/asgard 0

Web interface for application deployments and cloud management in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Binary download: Snapshot builds: Twitter:

rspieldenner/assertj-core 0

AssertJ is a library providing easy to use rich typed assertions

rspieldenner/astyanax 0

Cassandra Java Client

rspieldenner/AWSObjectMapper 0

Serializing / deserializing library for AWS objects

rspieldenner/blitz4j 0

Logging framework for fast asynchronous logging

fork rspieldenner/hubcommander

A Slack bot for GitHub organization management -- and other things too

fork in 3 months