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Automattic/interpolate-components 13

A module to turn strings into structured React components without dangerouslySetInnerHTML().

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Template for html5 projects on google app engine using webapp framework

rralian/bootstrap-sass 1

bootstrap-sass is bootstrap for Sass, ready to roll

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a simple zero-configuration command-line http server

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Collection of algorithms in javascript to solve arbitrary, unlikely problems.

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A Feature-Test Based Loader For Your Polyfills!

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Control Jandy Aqualink via a web interface

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A where-we-are for calypso

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Automated installation of the Microsoft IE App Compat virtual machines

Pull request review commentAutomattic/wp-calypso

Manage Purchase: Add notice to inform about available products for renewal

 export const getByPurchaseId = ( state, purchaseId ) => export const getSitePurchases = ( state, siteId ) => 	getPurchases( state ).filter( ( purchase ) => purchase.siteId === siteId ); +/**+ * Returns a list of Purchases associated with a Site that may be expiring soon+ * or have expired recently but is still renewable.+ *+ * @param {object} state      global state+ * @param {number} siteId     the site id+ * @returns {Array} the matching expiring purchases if there are some+ */+export const getRenewableSitePurchases = ( state, siteId ) =>+	getSitePurchases( state, siteId ).filter(+		( purchase ) =>+			( isExpiring( purchase ) || isExpired( purchase ) ) &&+			canExplicitRenew( purchase ) &&+			moment( purchase.expiryDate ).diff(, 'days' ) < 90

Curious what others think, but my gut reaction is yes. That it's better to take the renewals together in a single transaction while the user is here, both for us and the user. We just want to avoid giving the user a false impression. Maybe if it's still active it says "renews in 3 days" instead of "expires in 3 days"?


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