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Automattic/interpolate-components 16

A module to turn strings into structured React components without dangerouslySetInnerHTML().

rralian/StartupTemplate 6

Template for html5 projects on google app engine using webapp framework

rralian/bootstrap-sass 1

bootstrap-sass is bootstrap for Sass, ready to roll

rralian/http-server 1

a simple zero-configuration command-line http server

rralian/javascript-algorithms 1

Collection of algorithms in javascript to solve arbitrary, unlikely problems.

rralian/yepnope.js 1

A Feature-Test Based Loader For Your Polyfills!

rralian/aquaweb 0

Control Jandy Aqualink via a web interface

rralian/calypso-walkthrough 0

A where-we-are for calypso

rralian/ievms 0

Automated installation of the Microsoft IE App Compat virtual machines

issue commentAutomattic/wp-calypso

(8P) Media Library: Account for legacy plans in max usage

In the DB, 2TB blog_upload_space will always mean unlimited space instead of having two different meanings

This is not a blocker, but that still means "2TB" means something other than 2TB.

My other thought is that a single product should not represent two different sets of features. The cat seems a little out of the bag at this point. But if we run into things like this in the future, we should really differentiate the product we are selling and keep things separate that way.


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