rovo89/Xposed 5860

The native part of the Xposed framework (mainly the modified app_process binary).

rovo89/XposedBridge 3173

The Java part of the Xposed framework.

rovo89/XposedTools 334

These tools can be used to compile and package the Xposed framework.

rovo89/android_art 300

Android ART with modifications for the Xposed framework.

rovo89/XposedAppSettings 245

A modification using the Xposed framework to change settings like density per app.

rovo89/XposedMods 205

Modifications using the Xposed framework

rovo89/XposedExamples 127

Easy examples to learn how to develop Xposed plugins

rovo89/GenyFlash 63

Improved flashing support for the Genymotion emulator

rovo89/android_external_busybox 49

This is a special fork of BusyBox, used for the Xposed installation scripts.