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Brian A. Carter robotmachine The Uplands of South Carolina Yes. Except sometimes no.

robotmachine/GoToMeeting-Removal-Tool 3

Unofficial GoToMeeting Removal Tool for OSX

robotmachine/QuickLedger 3

Quick Ledger entry

robotmachine/GoToLogFiles 1

The Mac version of the GoToLogFiles workflow.

channingq/ChanningQ.com_Pelican 0

Pelican guts for the blog at

dragonbeard/calvin 0

Raspberry Pi based vivarium thermostat/lighting controller

robotmachine/aurup 0

Simple AUR updater for the Arch User Repository

robotmachine/G2MWT-Tools 0

Unsorted tools for GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToTraining, and OpenVoice.

robotmachine/gitdir 0

Git status for multiple directories.

robotmachine/GoToAssist-Removal-Tool 0

Removal tool for GoToAssist Remote Support Unattended Support


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fork ginatrapani/automated_dollar_cost_averaging_with_coinbasepro

In this project, we'll automate regular crypto purchases on a schedule of your choosing... without the bulbous fees.

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