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rmoorman/aeson 1

A fast Haskell JSON library

jordainfg/BlogPostingApplicatie 0

Een blog post applcatie met alle functionaliteit

jordainfg/Fresh-react-app 0

Hier ga ik state van redux leren, begrijpen en oefenen

jordainfg/Quizbizz 0

De quiz mutiplayer applicatie

rmoorman/12fakter-wordpress 0

12factorish wordpress using 12fakter

rmoorman/2048 0

A small clone of 1024 (

rmoorman/3factor-example 0

Canonical example of building a 3factor app : a food ordering application

rmoorman/abilian-core 0

Abilian Core framework and services

issue openedabsinthe-graphql/absinthe

`mix clean` is sometimes required to see changes take effect


  • Elixir version (elixir -v): Erlang/OTP 23 [erts-11.2] [source] [64-bit] [smp:12:12] [ds:12:12:10] [async-threads:1] [hipe]
  • Absinthe version (mix deps | grep absinthe): absinthe 1.6.4 / absinthe_plug 1.5.8
  • Client Framework and version (Relay, Apollo, etc): graphiql

Expected behavior

Changing my types file from field(:id, :id) to field :id, :string do resolve(fn object, _, _ -> {:ok, GlobalId.encode(Spiff.Comment,} end) end

Sometimes does not register as a change

Actual behavior

id continued to behave as a plain db column until I ran mix clean and restarted. Then it works as expected. Restarting iex on its own is not enough to break the stale cache.

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release facebook/docusaurus


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release jhuckaby/performa


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release vercel/next.js


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PR opened phoenixframework/phoenix

Add typespecs to Phoenix.Socket.Transport

I recently wrote a custom transport module to support WebSocket protocol extension, and initially thought that it was not possible to handle the extension via Phoenix.Socket.Transport.

After tracing through Phoenix sockets into cowboy_websocket and a lot of trial and error, I discovered all of the required behavior was actually possible, as Phoenix delegates most of the handling of these callbacks to cowboy. I thought that by documenting more of the valid return values as well as their consequences, I might save someone else the trouble of tracing the code paths.

Please let me know if there are any issues with these changes, or suggested modifications, and I would be happy to make changes.

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PR opened phoenixframework/phoenix_pubsub

Add helpful moduledoc to Phoenix.PubSub.Cluster

This module has been helpful to me as a guide for writing similar distributed test helpers in several projects, but I've run into issues related to epmd not running in the past and forgotten that was the problem/solution. Maybe I'm not alone? Either way, a helpful moduledoc would prevent that in the future!

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issue commentabsinthe-graphql/absinthe

Multiple pushes per client for subscriptions that have a `context_id`

We observe the same behavior and even worse: turning context_id: "global" made messages from adjacent topics leak to the users who weren't subscribed.


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release jhuckaby/Cronicle


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release vercel/next.js


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fork ankhers/shopify

Easily access the Shopify API with Elixir.

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fork ankhers/shopifex

:hatched_chick: Phoenix boilerplate for Shopify Embedded App SDK

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release wp-graphql/wp-graphql


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PR opened phoenixframework/phoenix

Update Elixir IRC channel references

Spotted this when creating a new project: the initial template still references the old Freenode channel #elixir-lang.

Update this to #elixir on Libera, which is the new official IRC channel.

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