Rich Lane rlane Mountain View, CA

PistonDevelopers/glfw-rs 390

GLFW3 bindings and idiomatic wrapper for Rust.

iovisor/ubpf 255

Userspace eBPF VM

judofyr/rcpu 23

DCPU assembler and emulator in Ruby

rlane/cubeland 12

Infinite terrain with Rust and OpenGL

rlane/dci 3

HTTP/Jabber interface to Direct Connect

rlane/fog 3

The Ruby cloud services library.

rlane/archive2mbox 2

Generate mbox files from web archives or usenet

rlane/bloom 2

Simple Bloom filter

rlane/cgmath-rs 2

A linear algebra and mathematics library for computer graphics.

rlane/ax-vm 1

GDB Agent Expression VM

push eventrlane/rlane-oni-mods

Rich Lane

commit sha 9901c8c04db284c1659d6b33b1cee302d2c8f05f

Stimulant: initial commit

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Rich Lane

commit sha e7dc9228075e6914a553dbc19e1f5bd8782ab1c6

Stimulant: Remove "immune booster" from tooltip.

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Rich Lane

commit sha 5e4b00ef77f7da434e8f11ec40191194cc5a5944

Stimulant: reduce skill multiplier to 50%

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Rich Lane

commit sha 9ff554631de5da1508b3fa31657a16e9704f7e18

Stimulant: add description to README

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Rich Lane

commit sha 937dc63a8f571b8b311582972b7967350e64c76a

Stimulant: remove unneeded dependency

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