WhiteSource Renovate renovate-bot @whitesource WhiteSource Renovate is a bot to keep dependencies up-to-date using Pull Requests. To install:

renovate-bot/adyen-node-api-library 2

Adyen API Library for Node.js

renovate-bot/amphtml 1

AMP HTML source code, samples, and documentation. See below for more info.

renovate-bot/.github 0

A common set of templates, documents, and information used by googleapis GitHub organization.

renovate-bot/adyen-dotnet-api-library 0

Adyen API Library for .NET

renovate-bot/adyen-java-api-library 0

Adyen API Library for Java

renovate-bot/adyen-oracle-commerce-cloud 0

Adyen plugin for Oracle Commerce Cloud

renovate-bot/adyen-php-api-library 0

Adyen API Library for PHP

renovate-bot/adyen-python-api-library 0

Adyen API Library for Python

renovate-bot/adyen-ruby-api-library 0

Adyen API Library for Ruby

renovate-bot/aip 0

API Improvement Proposals.