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Peter Reinhardt reinpk Segment San Francisco Co-founder at Segment

gwintrob/crime-doesnt-climb 100

Crime Doesn't Climb in San Francisco

dimkir/nightmare-lambda-tutorial 75

Sample project and tutorial to run NightmareJS on AWS Lambda

reinpk/radioactive 42

a library for playing with nuclear decay

reinpk/radioactive-decay 4

Models radioactive decay.

reinpk/gravity-simulation 3

Simulate gravity in a randomly generated universe.

reinpk/zeroes 3

a javascript component for creating zeroed arrays

reinpk/isotope-data 2

Data about many nuclear isotopes.

reinpk/ 0

Cassie Lear's website.

reinpk/convert 0

A component for converting and short-handing various units.


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