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Refael Ackermann (רפאל פלחי) refack Cambridge, MA FOSS worker bee Invested in the success of Node.js Proud adopted father of GYP3

nodejs/node-core-utils 148

CLI tools for Node.js Core collaborators

aheckmann/mpromise 88

Promises/A+ conformant implementation

DxWnd/DxWnd.reloaded 45

Windows hooker - intercepts system calls to make fullscreen programs running in a window, to support a better compatibility, to enhance video modes and to stretch timing. It is tipically very useful to run old windows games.

eyy/witch 41

A witchery Javascript MVC, based on Rivets and Watch.js

eyy/resors 4

Resources for Mongoose

refack/Creative-Commons-Markdown 2

Markdown-formatted Creative Commons licenses

alonronin/ronin-cms 1

An express middlware to create a CMS with dust themes and formage as backend

decareano/node 0

Node.js JavaScript runtime :sparkles::turtle::rocket::sparkles:

refack/adblockpluschrome 0

Adblock Plus extension for Google Chrome

refack/admin 0

Facilitating joint collaboration amongst the TSC and CommComm

created repositoryroblourens/ssh-containers

created time in 22 minutes


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fork cclauss/PyDokiYT

Play Doki Doki on YouTube Live

fork in 5 hours

fork mingwandroid/MoltenVK

MoltenVK is a Vulkan Portability implementation. It layers a subset of the high-performance, industry-standard Vulkan graphics and compute API over Apple's Metal graphics framework, enabling Vulkan applications to run on iOS and macOS.

fork in 9 hours


started time in 10 hours

fork mingwandroid/cereal

A C++11 library for serialization

fork in 10 hours

fork mingwandroid/Vulkan-Tools

Vulkan Utilities and Tools

fork in 11 hours

fork mingwandroid/glslang

Khronos-reference front end for GLSL/ESSL, partial front end for HLSL, and a SPIR-V generator.

fork in 11 hours

fork mingwandroid/Vulkan-Headers

Vulkan Header files and API registry

fork in 11 hours

fork mingwandroid/SPIRV-Cross

SPIRV-Cross is a practical tool and library for performing reflection on SPIR-V and disassembling SPIR-V back to high level languages.

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fork cclauss/wcwidth

Python library that measures the width of unicode strings rendered to a terminal

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created repositoryzenden2k/KeeneticRainmeterPlugin

Keenetic router's speed graph on your desktop

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fork piscisaureus/rust-9p

Tokio-based asynchronous filesystems library using 9P2000.L protocol, an extended variant of 9P from Plan 9.

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fork zeke/refined-github

:octocat: Browser extension that simplifies the GitHub interface and adds useful features

fork in 2 days

fork cclauss/Workout-progress-tracker

Web app that tracks workout progress. Also based on some input data it'll show if you did good, excellent, or bad in the gym that day.

fork in 2 days

fork piscisaureus/gpg-bridge

A bridge connects openssh-portable and GnuPG on Windows.

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created repositoryedit-code-as-code/stars

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