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Samuel A.Rebelsky rebelsky Grinnell College Grinnell,IA,USA Curmudgeon. Faculty member at Grinnell. Writer.

csc325/GCal 8

Grinnell Open Calendar Project

CSC322-Grinnell/boardbank 2

Connect community members with nonprofit board and volunteer opportunities.

CSC322-Grinnell/LFC_Features 2

Includes map, additional information pages

CSC322-Grinnell/volunteer-board 1

A place for greater Poweshiek community organizations and residents to connect for volunteering opportunities

rebelsky/clems 1

Command-Line Exchange Mail Sender

annijmik91994/csc151 0

csc151 stuff

CSC322-Grinnell/django-wizard-builder 0

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cszyb001/Repository-for-CSC-151 0

Repository for CSC 151

giangkhuat/Artificial-Life 0

This project is a class assignment for CSC207 Grinnell

PR opened Grinnell-CSC195/hw1

Create DXXCC8
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PR opened Grinnell-CSC195/hw1

info about kartik jain
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