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Peter-Michael Osera psosera Grinnell College Grinnell, IA

jfrankle/refinements-popl-16 8

Artifact of "Example-Directed Synthesis: A Type-Theoretic Implementation" by Frankle, Osera, Walker, and Zdancewic.

dmwit/limph 2

lightweight monadic programming for Haskell

arthurhero/ZCompiler 1

The first compiler I built.

khoa-ho/compiler 1

A compiler implemented in OCaml

psosera/ghost-keyboard 1

Windows utility that displays a keyboard that mirrors your keystrokes.

psosera/ott-vim 1

Vim syntax highlighting for the ott programming languages design tool

psosera/pli-notes 1

Programming Language Implementation in Haskell - Study Notes

qishuyi/Compiler 1

A compiler for a small arithmetic language based on S-expressions

sheltah22/some-compiler 1

A compiler for some toy language


started time in 4 days


started time in 4 days