pprett/nut 121

Natural language Understanding Toolkit

pprett/bolt 88

Bolt Online Learning Toolbox

pprett/pydata-gbrt-tutorial 62

IPython notebook for PyData SF 2014 tutorial: "Gradient Boosted Regression Trees in scikit-learn"

datarobot/batch-scoring 31

Batch scoring script for making predictions

glouppe/kaggle-marinexplore 16

Code for the Kaggle Marinexplore challenge

pprett/aml-class-19 10

Lviv Data Science Summer School 2019 lecture on Automated Machine Learning

pprett/dataset-shift-osdc16 9

Support material for my OSDC London 2016 talk on Dataset Shift in Machine Learning

pprett/scikit-learn 9

scikit-learn main repo

glouppe/kaggle-solar-energy 6

Code for the Kaggle Solar Energy Prediction challenge

pprett/pyFM 6

Factorization machines in python