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Pablo Margreff pmargreff Earth I'm the dog, not the human.

pmargreff/juliavm 45

Julia Version Manager - Simple bash script to manage multiple julia environments

pmargreff/de-olho-neles 8

Uma plataforma para ver onde e como os deputados gastam o CEAP.

pmargreff/audio_surf 2

Wave audio file handler in elixir.

biancaguzenski/pibs-lang 1

Pibs is an interpreter for Pibs language.

elixir-poa/table_rex 1

An Elixir app which generates text-based tables for display

inessadl/kinect-2-arff 0

Capture Kinect v2 data and save on an .arff format

pmargreff/absinthe 0

The GraphQL toolkit for Elixir

pmargreff/absinthe_test 0

provides a sample for linear increase time problem with responses

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