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pinda/django-socialregistration 10

Combining OpenID, OAuth and FacebookConnect, LinkedIn and Hyves signup in one application

pinda/django-advertyra 5

Advertisment app for django

pinda/ABContactHelper 3

Objective-C Address Book wrapper

pinda/MultiContactsSelector-ios 2

iOS Module - Select your contacts' telephone like Whatsapp application + Multiple telephone selection

pinda/cloudconvert 1

Golang CloudConvert client

pinda/django-basic-apps 1

Simple prebuilt applications.

pinda/FayeObjC 1

Objective-C Client Library for the Faye Pub-Sub messaging server (

pinda/AFNetworking-PromiseKit 0

PromiseKit+AFNetworking is a small category addition to the delightful PromiseKit, enabling it to work with AFNetworking

pinda/analytics-ios 0

The hassle-free way to integrate analytics into any iOS application.

pinda/box 0

Golang Client for Box view api