Tran Pham phamtrancsek12 Vietnam Majoring in Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning.

phamtrancsek12/text-auto-completion 1

Text Auto Completion demo with GPT-2 model

phamtrancsek12/bert-lstm-distillation 0

Distilling knowledge from BERT to LSTM model

phamtrancsek12/bert-pretrained-tweet 0

BERT pretrained model on OffensEval 2020 Tweets data

phamtrancsek12/CNN-architectures-learning 0

Re-implement CNN architectures in Pytorch

phamtrancsek12/jina 0

Jina is the cloud-native neural search framework powered by state-of-the-art AI and deep learning

phamtrancsek12/offensive-identification 0

2nd place in OffensEval-2, task B - English language track

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Distilling knowledge from BERT to LSTM model

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