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peterchen3301/examples 1

TensorFlow examples

peterchen3301/hw-ruby-intro 0

Ruby Introduction Assignment for Agile Development using Ruby on Rails

peterchen3301/InputLogger 0

The project records the keyboard input, mouse input, and screenshot from a target computer. Combined with proper NLP methods and image processing, the logger can provide sensitive information, such as username, password, or email to the attacker.

peterchen3301/MonkeyProblemCpp 0

Solution in C++ to a concurrency problem (monkeys crossing a canyon in both directions)

peterchen3301/rottenpotatoes-rails-intro 0

RottenPotatoes app skeleton for saasbook/hw-rails-intro

peterchen3301/semester-proj 0

Semester project

peterchen3301/typo 0

Typo is the oldest and most powerful Ruby on Rails blogware, providing custom templates, powerful drag and drop plugins API, advanced SEO capabilities, XMLRPC API and many more.