Pedro Vieira pedrovieira @microsoft Oslo, Norway Software Engineer @ Microsoft

pedrovieira/PVAsyncImageView 29

A simple NSImageView subclass that let's you download images asynchronously from the web on the Mac with some other useful properties.

pedrovieira/DaVinci 14

A small library that generates a PNG image with a message inside it.

pedrovieira/PVVolumeBar 6

A simple & easy-to-use VLC-like volume bar for Mac OS X (NSView subclass).

pedrovieira/String-Trim 5

A very simple String extension for trimming strings, written in Swift.

pedrovieira/PVAlgebraMatrix 2

An Objective-C class that performs basic Linear Algebra Matrix operations.

pedrovieira/AutoIndentWithSave 0

xCode plugin which indent the source code when save

pedrovieira/awesome-xcode-scripts 0

A curated list of useful xcode scripts 📝 .

pedrovieira/CocoaPods-app 0

A full-featured and standalone installation of CocoaPods.

pedrovieira/CodeSnippets 0

Some useful XCode code snippets.

pedrovieira/danger 0

🚫 Stop saying "you forgot to …" in code review


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PR opened DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped

Add chrome.runtime.openOptionsPage to @types/sinon-chrome

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  • [X] Avoid common mistakes.
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Pedro Vieira

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Add another test line

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Pedro Vieira

commit sha 798a398be579a432ca41d09c8244788973c2aaea

Add "openOptionsPage" to "sinon-chrome"

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The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.

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delete branch pedrovieira/jest

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PR opened facebook/jest

Minor typo fix
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Pedro Vieira

commit sha 681fa2d11de57f5bff552506bdb3b40309ea3f06

Minor typo fix

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Delightful JavaScript Testing.

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