Pedro Nauck pedronauck @upbitco Florianópolis/SC Javascript and open source enthusiast ♥ Creator of docz and reworm.

doczjs/docz 19330

✍ It has never been so easy to document your things!

pedronauck/micro-router 623

:station: A tiny and functional router for Zeit's Micro

pedronauck/algorithms-with-es6 166

Just a bunch of algorithms using Javascript with ES6

doczjs/gatsby-starter-docz 74

📝 Gatsby starter with Docz and a blog for your documentation

pedronauck/frontend-styleguide 71

Keep your code clean, legible and beautiful!

doczjs/docz-plugin-css 42

This package makes it possible to use preprocessors and css modules on docz

doczjs/gatsby-docz-library 21

Example of a library website built with Gatsby and Docz

pedronauck/docz-plugin-react-native 21

Plugin that allow you to use React Native with docz

johno/gatsby-themes 18

[WIP] A collection of Gatsby themes

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Rakan Nimer

commit sha d4ce81be40abebd4bf834972402607de76e2b79a

chore: fix ts error in example

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Duknam Yoo

commit sha 31ebd0837be4a0fd6cbdc8921133b1df5cf449db

fix(babel-plugin-export-metadata): add case for export default… (#1417)

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Tripp Hammond

commit sha 53063ff721a80a825446d7fa187bacc11acd465f

fix(docz-core): always use custom prop filter if it's provided… (#1415)

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Martyn Rushton

commit sha 8f071eb03484f63463fcb5ecd28bc27e5a764649

feat(docz): bump babel-preset-react-app to 9.1.2 (#1435) Bump babel-preset-react-app to 9.1.2 to resolve a downstream error with babel proposal-numeric-separator plugin.

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Mauricio Palma

commit sha 435001a257a3b8a0565df029b1098384a571abbd

feat(gatsby-theme-docz): include MDX transclusion support (#1436)

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Mickael Zhang

commit sha 56f4cb8e104caeac31419734f79b18d454ab3cb2

fix(gatsby-theme-docz): content overflowing issue (#1437)

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commit sha d038374bcde2f39cd4d6860afdb54ea781c80970


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commit sha c9a304f754adb5ad705ef0e2175e9a2263d84c48


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commit sha a9384b03cbd316c37a156536fac6a6f206260d2e

fix(gatsby-theme-docz): fix theme components customization bug

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commit sha 183e293196774427ca0ef4f3acba601835b7105b


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commit sha 34ba273b8a054d4bdcda7e8ee523d3bed4f1a366


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commit sha 05417d3165b7834fd7cef0eba9676b7e8756567f

fix(docz-core): use user-provided 404 page when it exists Looks in ${themesDir}/pages/ which defaults to src/pages/

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commit sha c7412ddfe4b42bba84a8815a7f692f39bc19e6d3


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commit sha c7da16ba26252e80c7a044ef209e1d497cb34322

chore: add example for using custom 404 page

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Silviu Alexandru Avram

commit sha 394275fa17b8bb7608f0e1a1d3dd9af6430f8406

docs(migration_guide): fix URL for theme creation (#1455)

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Jesper Orb

commit sha ff7211c52a27c33d1edcfd9fe6e83f24c200ecdb

feat(gatsby-theme-docz): no reload on relative links (#1482)

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Jesper Orb

commit sha be0d6ffbffab8ec9b32ff4970de39239329ed410

chore(docz-core): add deps explicitly (#1481)

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Daniel Del Core

commit sha 779c07f93d8ebb04f64a5de1bd48ff7addaee760

docs(examples): use componentMap in customisation example (#1479)

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Dmitry Shkoliar

commit sha 24bb600ef53aa133e0a05920e9a45d230bcebab7

feat(gatsby-theme-docz): configure SEO information from md/mdx files (#1477)

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Dan Lemon

commit sha becd589ce1a13b60fc22fc637190266389d0d24d

fix: add functions never to eslint rule (#1487)

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Pedro Nauck

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