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Paulo L F Casaretto pcasaretto @ResultadosDigitais

pcasaretto/dotenv 12

A small command tool line that loads enviroment variables from a file and executes a command.

pcasaretto/dotfiles 12

Dotfiles are indeed meant to be forked

pcasaretto/atom-tabularize 4

Atom package for text alignment

lee-dohm/language-treetop 1

Syntax highlighting support and snippets for the treetop language

pcasaretto/brazil-raster-charts 1

Mirror for the Brazilian Navy Nautical Raster Charts

lucask42/seti-machine-contact 0

Seti hackathon reporsitory


started time in 23 days

created repositoryjoshuaclayton/fnd

Find files fast

created time in a month


started time in a month


started time in a month

fork joshuaclayton/email-address-parser

An RFC 5322, and RFC 6532 compliant email address parser.

fork in 2 months