Paul Stansifer paulstansifer Google Cambridge, MA

paulstansifer/unseemly 64

Macros have types!

bhickey/InfiniteYegge 4

The Infinite Yegge Machine

paulstansifer/tetanus 4

Tools for developing Rust (from the pre-0.1 era)

paulstansifer/end-of-september 3

using machine learning to understand the opinion bubbles we live in, and to gently pierce them

bhickey/yaspl 2

Yet Another Stupid Programming Language

paulstansifer/absent-mind 2

Tools for the absent-minded developer

paulstansifer/dagger 2

Demo of a cave-in physics system for a Dwarf Fortress-like game.

paulstansifer/go-explore 2

GnuGo client for exploring counterfactual moves

paulstansifer/qwantzle_data 2

data for solving the qwantzle