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Osa Gaius osagaius United States building product at ParrotMob

osagaius/phoenix_chat 10

Demo for Building Realtime Web Apps with React and Elixir

osagaius/elixir-kv-store 3

An in-memory key-value data store that exposes a HTTP REST interface.

osagaius/atl-elixir-beans 2

Repo to accompany the talk at Atlanta Elixir's Meetup (April 2017)

osagaius/easypost-pickup-experiment 1

Quick proof of concept using the EasyPost API. It creates a shipment and schedules a pickup.

osagaius/boggle 0

This project implements the popular Boggle game with C++ CLI, and allows players to interact with a fluid UI, and also allows them to store their score, with the hope of being the best Boggler.

osagaius/clojure-address-book 0

An address book web app built with Clojure.

osagaius/community 0

Google Cloud Platform Community

osagaius/csratings 0

A MEAN web app that allows users to create, rate, and view projects.