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orthographic-pedant/honeypot 16

Any other spell-checkers out there? Let's call this one the bait.

orthographic-pedant/ 1

Apollo 17 Mission Timeline Reconstruction

orthographic-pedant/Quttons 1

Buttons made of Quantum Paper

orthographic-pedant/ember-plupload 0

Ember component for handling uploads using plupload

orthographic-pedant/eol 0

Encyclopedia of Life

orthographic-pedant/gargor 0

An auto-tuning tool for Internet servers w/ Genetic Algorithm and Chef.

orthographic-pedant/lsyncd 0

Lsyncd (Live Syncing Daemon) synchronizes local directories with remote targets

orthographic-pedant/ObjectMapper 0

Simple JSON Object mapping written in Swift

orthographic-pedant/orthographic-pedant 0

Correcting common typos in Github one pull request at a time.