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orangkucing/Default-iPhone-theme-for-Tumblr 22

Default iPhone-theme for Tumblr + DISQUS

orangkucing/MewPro 20

Control GoPro Hero 3+ Black from Arduino

orangkucing/WireS 15

Slave only hardware I2C library for ATtiny1634, ATtiny441/841, and ATtiny828

orangkucing/analogComp 11

analogComp is a library to manage the integrated analog comparator of some Atmel or freescale MCUs

orangkucing/GenlockDongle 9

GoPro genlock dongle works with MewPro

orangkucing/Tumblr-short-URL 7

Tumblr permalink to short URL converter

orangkucing/MewPro4 6

MewPro for Hero 4 Black/Silver

orangkucing/MewPro_Iliad 4

Sync Generator/Controller for Hero 4 Black/Silver and MewPro


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