microsoft/windows-dev-box-setup-scripts 1101

Scripts to simplify setting up a Windows developer box

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Microsoft Azure Cross Platform Command Line

orangemocha/download-counts 0

Background jobs and a minimal service for collecting and delivering download counts

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Testing mirroring changes via Jenkins

orangemocha/hiredis-old 0

Hiredis is a minimalistic Windows C client library for the Redis database.

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http request/response parser for c

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A friendly fork of Node.js with an open governance model

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Cross-platform asychronous I/O

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The npm website

issue commentmicrosoftarchive/redis

Announcing Memurai: Windows-native cache and datastore compatible with Redis 5

The real question will be - HOW compatible is it? e.g. can I dev against Memurai & deploy against Redis, given my production environment will be Linux?

Being based on Redis source code, Memurai is as compatible with Redis 5 as it gets. There are a few configuration flags that are not supported (mostly because they don't apply to the Windows environment). See the documentation for more information.


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