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onomojo/i18n-country-translations 160

This just contains i18n country translations

onomojo/i18n-timezones 53

Rails I18n timezone translations

onomojo/i18n_country_select 25

A Rails select form helper using country codes for I18n translations

HLT-Master/firehose_integration 2

An easy way to get your data sent to Amazon Firehose

onomojo/full-shelff 0

2019 Shelff App

onomojo/MathJax-node 0

Mathjax for Node

onomojo/rails-i18n 0

Repository for collecting Locale data for Ruby on Rails I18n as well as other interesting, Rails related I18n stuff

onomojo/vue-cal 0

A Vue JS full calendar, no dependency, no BS. :metal:


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