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onekk/OKKCNC 5

GRBL sender and Control Panel. A Fork of bCNC

onekk/freecad-doc 1

FreeCAD Documents

onekk/Archived-MK4duo 0

Archive copy for future need

onekk/cambam 0


onekk/dtv2 0

Drevo Tyrfing V2 key colors management

onekk/eurocam-dev 0

Development version - not safe for use -usually is broken in some places

onekk/i3student 0

Place to store i3student project files

fork CarlosGS/addons

:heavy_plus_sign: Docker add-ons for Home Assistant

fork in 9 days

fork mattvenn/wrapped_chacha_wb_accel

Wishbone ChaCha Accelerator for MPW2-C

fork in 11 days

created repositorymattvenn/test-template

created time in 17 days


started time in 17 days

fork mattvenn/wrapped_pong

An ASIC running Pong.

fork in 17 days

created repositorymattvenn/dmx_lights

created time in 19 days


started time in 22 days


started time in a month

created repositoryGNB-UAM/RoboSearcher

Simulation platform to study and optimize random search strategies

created time in a month


started time in a month

created repositorymattvenn/technology-communicator-website

created time in a month


created repositorymattvenn/sky130_sram

created time in a month

created repositoryYosysHQ/nerv

Naive Educational RISC V processor

created time in a month


started time in 2 months

created repositorymattvenn/wrapped_project_template

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started time in 2 months

fork mattvenn/caravel_user_project

fork in 2 months


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created repositorymattvenn/xor_vga_fpga

playing with XOR video patterns on an FPGA

created time in 2 months

fork mattvenn/caravel_carrier

Carrier for efabless Caravel chip used for Google/Skywater 130nm shuttle program.

fork in 2 months

fork mattvenn/GDS3D

GDS3D is an application that can interpret so called IC layouts and render them in 3D. The program accepts standard GDSII files as input data. Along with the layout file, it requires a so called process definition file which contains the 3D parameters of the process being used. These files combined allow the program to create a 3D representation of the layout, where the user has full, real time control over the camera position and angle, much like in a 3D video game. An other repo ( as the same source and add few improvement like compression with server/client process. This release add two major feature with are assembly and export 3D model for GMSH. Assembly: this mean it’s possible to merge multi GDS (with different technologies) I also try to improve net highlight.

fork in 2 months


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