Yasuharu Nakano nobeans Yokohama, Japan

nobeans/gexcelapi 31

GExcelAPI is a thin Groovy-ish wrapper library of not JExcelAPI but Apache POI.

nobeans/gbench 2

This repository of GBench is forked from at rev.13

nobeans/bootstrap 1

HTML, CSS, and JS toolkit from Twitter

nobeans/gaiden-extension-admonition 1

Gaiden Extension: Admonition

nobeans/gircbot 1

IRC Bot by Groovy

nobeans/git-now 1

A temporary commit tool for git

nobeans/gradle 1

A powerful build system for the JVM

nobeans/grails-http-nocache 1

A very simple grails plugin with a filter which adds some http headers of cache-control, etc to HTTP response.

nobeans/chef-repo 0

A blank Chef repository - use as a base to build your own

push eventnobeans/rasberry-pi-toys

Yasuharu Nakano

commit sha 45d2364ad01b54c7db99178180b93ba6e6f0843d

Add off, up and down signals in lircd-bose.conf

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issue commentkobo/groovyserv

Current working directory doesn't change on Java 11

Reproduced it. Something might have been changed on resolving a file path in native layer since Java 11. I'll try to investigate and fix it, but it maybe difficult. Please workaround by specifying an absolute path for a while.


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issue commentseasarorg/mayaa

[feature-request] ScriptEnvironmentImplでのスクリプトキャッシュの容量を設定として指定したい



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