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nikkwong/basic-menu 13

basic menu

nikkwong/ng2-s3-uploader 8

AWS S3 Uploader for Angular2 using Browser Based POST (Sig Version 4).

nikkwong/JSDragBox 5

Native OS-like drag functionality for the browser

nikkwong/angular2-multistep-form 4

Angular 2 multistep form

nikkwong/jRotator 2

jRotator — a jQuery rotator plugin.

nikkwong/ 1

Nikk wong's projects

issue commentelement-plus/element-plus

Vite support | Vite 相关问题

I'm getting

` runtime-core.esm-bundler.js:38 [Vue warn]: Hydration node mismatch:

  • Client vnode: div
  • Server rendered DOM: " " (text) `

Upon simple uses of form fields like el-select, when server side rendering them. Minimum reproducible is: ` el-select(v-model="something")


setup() { var something = ref(null); return { something } }


Is this a known issue? Thanks.


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issue commentsass/sass

Optional colons in Sass?

Is it possible to ever include this? Or the developers just don't like the idea? I hate colons.


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issue openedxibyte/jsketcher

Is it impossible to import a sketch from SVG/DWG etc?

I have an external drawing that I'd like to bring into this program. Is that possible? Also curious if the project is alive, it looks great! Thanks

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