Nick Messing nickmessing Chisinau, Moldova Yet another JavaScript developer with @vuejs in heart. Member of Vue.js core team.

vueact/babel-plugin-transform-react-to-vue 152

Transform React component to Vue component (beta)

nickmessing/babel-plugin-jsx-v-model 148

JSX Syntactic Sugar Plugin for v-model

nickmessing/babel-plugin-jsx-vue-functional 65

JSX Syntactic Sugar Plugin for Vue Functional Components

nickmessing/babel-plugin-jsx-event-modifiers 45

Event modifiers syntactic sugar for JSX

nickmessing/vue-tsx 25

Vue + TSX = <3

nickmessing/angular-context-menu 1

An AngularJS directive to set up and display a context menu when a (right-)click event is triggered.

nickmessing/babel-preset-vue 1

Babel preset for transforming Vue JSX.

nickmessing/fs-multi-copy 1

Node.JS copy multiple files

nickmessing/awesome-vue 0

A curated list of awesome things related to Vue.js

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Nicolai Moraru

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feat: dialog accessibility

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Vue 3 JSX Design

It would be nice to compile all of the above into a single spec and then we can get to work if we have a proper spec done.


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