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Neal Fultz nfultz @njnmco Los Angeles, CA Computational statistician, programmer and data scientist.

nfultz/AWR.Athena 21

Short R Wrapper for Athena JDBC connections

DeclareDesign/DDWizard 11

DeclareDesign Wizard -- Shiny app for creating, editing and inspecting research designs.

nfultz/binomialbcp 10

R package for binomial change point detection

nfultz/alerts 8

strip tracking and syndicate google alerts

nfultz/aws-batch 8

A jenkins plugin for submitting jobs to AWS batch // use the official one now

nfultz/chad 8

An R package for lightweight acceptance testing

nfultz/awesome-jupyterlab 3

A curated list of awesome JupyterLab extensions and resources

nfultz/codetrack 3

A lightweight ticket app for project management

nfultz/Algo-Trading-Basics 2

A friendly introduction to algorithmic trading in python using zipline


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fork Magicianred/craft

Top-down 2D game engine for the Craft app type. See NOTICE for restrictions on use.

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fork Magicianred/unified

☔️ interface for parsing, inspecting, transforming, and serializing content through syntax trees

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fork Magicianred/redactable-markdown

tools for parsing and translating the modified version of markdown used by

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fork Magicianred/generate-pdf-scripts

scripts to generate pdfs of html pages

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push eventemitanaka/edibble

Emi Tanaka

commit sha 0843c787f023ff5feec2f82a29d6533340df65e8

as_data_frame export

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Emi Tanaka

commit sha a19e5c6e464c273658cd84e9e31149c7f8b64b95


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fork Magicianred/ml-playground

Playground for developing a variety of machine learning activities.

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fork baby636/fungal-spore-exploder

Pop out hot NFTs quickly using the science of mycology

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fork Magicianred/react-navbar-example

A small example app showcasing how to build a navigation bar with CSS transitions in React.

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fork Magicianred/component-library-examples

Example components & styling solutions for the component library.

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fork baby636/libtorsion

C crypto library

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fork Magicianred/code-dot-org

The code powering and

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fork killvxk/rainbow-1

Hide SMBIOS/disk/NIC serials from EFI bootkit

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fork Magicianred/odoo

Odoo. Open Source Apps To Grow Your Business.

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fork T-Jedsada/harvest-strategy

The Hardhat environment for strategy development

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