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Neil Middleton neilmiddleton Element Horsham, UK Engineering Manager @element_hq

neilmiddleton/cloudapp-workflow 4

Alfred workflow for Cloudapp

neilmiddleton/alfred-devcenter-search 3

An alfred workflow that allows searching of the Heroku DevCenter

neilmiddleton/asset_sync 3

Synchronises Assets between Rails and S3

neilmiddleton/codebase_san 2

Integration between heroku_san and

neilmiddleton/faker-fu 1

A port of Perl's Data::Faker - Generates fake names, phone numbers, etc.

johnbeynon/heroku-logwatch 0


neilmiddleton/actioncable-examples 0

Action Cable Examples

fork phil/cookiejar

Manage client-side HTTP cookies in Ruby

fork in a month