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FX31337/FX-BT-Scripts 21

:page_facing_up: Useful scripts for backtesting.

Kroger-Technology/git-project 15

Manage a large number of local git repositories with ease!

natemara/ 3

Dead simple winds aloft API

natemara/cargo_git_hooks 2

Automatically symlink hooks into .git during cargo build

Kroger-Technology/react-paginate 0

A ReactJS component that creates a pagination

natemara/a1atscript 0

The Angular 2 Polyfill


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PR opened natemara/bmp280

Adds documentation, updates to 2018 edition for error handling, updates dependency versions


This pull request makes the following changes:

  • Adds LICENSE file to the main repository
  • Adds documentation, including summary of crate for
  • Updates the syntax to Rust 2018 edition by replacing use of try!() macro with ? operation
  • Updates dependencies to most recent releases of byteorder and i2cdev
    • Adds native functions for dealing with traits deprecated by i2cdev
  • Moves to examples/ directory as and loops over call
  • Fixes clippy suggested lints
  • Updates CI from TravisCI (which now has limited open source build minutes) to Github Actions

I've tested this implementation as building on my x86 machine using rustc 1.52.0-nightly and on an Odroid-C4 ARM64 board attached to an Adafruit BMP280 module over the /dev/i2c-1 connection. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

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created repositoryronnross/cincy-bike-now

Src for

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created repositoryjanders223/minigrep

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fork janders223/tmux

🧛🏻‍♂️ Dark theme for tmux

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fork janders223/nvim

neovim configuration written in lua

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fork janders223/home-manager

Manage a user environment using Nix [maintainer=@rycee]

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created repositoryNigoroJr/scripts

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fork janders223/vim-lsp-settings

Auto configurations for Language Server for vim-lsp

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fork janders223/nord-tmux

An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant tmux color theme.

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create barnchnatemara/dominion-score-bot

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