nannery/neovim-fuzzy 1

Fuzzy file finding for neovim

nannery/sirwendys 1

Simple, polite Twitter bot that works at a Wendy's

nannery/aide-rb 0

Odd features of questionable usefulness

nannery/bad-rb 0

Odd features of questionable usefulness

nannery/base16-vim 0

Base16 for Vim

nannery/bud 0

Prototype Bud runtime (Bloom Under Development)

nannery/dry-struct 0

Typed struct and value objects

nannery/dry_util 0

A series of utility objects that I've found helpful when using dry-rb gems (

nannery/kramdown-converter-colorize 0

Plugin for `kramdown` gem to colorize markdown for output in console

nannery/pointing-poke-it-alpha 0

first mess around with vue.js (and also cuba.rb)