axios/axios 69761

Promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js

axios/moxios 1077

Mock axios requests for testing

instructure-react/react-tinymce 179

React TinyMCE component

mzabriskie/felix 33

In-memory caching module for JavaScript

axios/karma-moxios 10

Moxios for Karma

mzabriskie/create-stylesheet 9

Dynamically create a stylesheet

mzabriskie/annotate.php 7

Annotations for PHP

mzabriskie/ 3

Command line DataGrid for Java

mzabriskie/evtmgr 3

Helper for managing event handlers

mzabriskie/dotfiles 2

My OS X dotfiles

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Matt Zabriskie

commit sha e94d500fee71be0fd54ce3050e8d3593685506f7

Adding Vim code folding

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