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atduskgreg/rad 404

Ruby Arduino Development: a framework for programming the Arduino physcial computing platform using Ruby

mwilliams/d2s3 110

Rails plugin which provides a form helper to upload files directly to Amazon's S3 using an HTTP POST

aeden/refinery 32

Distributed queued processing framework

mwilliams/lcthw-book 24

Text version of Zed Shaw's Learn C the Hard Way

mwilliams/barduino 11

A Ruby Arduino (RAD) project demonstration as a proof of concept Bar Monkey for the Orlando Ruby Users Group

mwilliams/barduino-tender 8

A DSL for building drink recipes to control the Barduino bar monkey

mwilliams/RFIDuino 8

Arduino sketch that reads an RFID tag and sends it to a web service.

mwilliams/emacs 5

My personal Emacs configuration