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Azure/actions 300

Automate your GitHub workflows using Azure Actions

Azure/actions-workflow-samples 178

Help developers to easily get started with GitHub Action workflows to deploy to Azure

Azure/aks-periscope 129

aks-periscope aims to detect various kubernetes cluster problems

Azure/AzOps 118

PowerShell module that can be used to deploy ARM Templates at all scopes and export ARM configuration hierarchy

Azure/azure-iot-explorer 98

Cross-platform UI for interacting with devices attached to Azure IoT Hub

Azure/azure-functions-servicebus-extension 43

Service Bus extension for Azure Functions

Azure/azure-functions-rabbitmq-extension 34

RabbitMQ extension for Azure Functions

Azure/aace 32

Microsoft Azure AI Customer Engineering team code repo

Azure/AppConfiguration-DotnetProvider 31

The .NET Standard configuration provider for Azure App Configuration

Azure/AppConfiguration-Announcements 30

News about Azure App Configuration