Marshall Polaris mqp Mountain View, CA

gkjohnson/three-mesh-bvh 206

A BVH implementation to speed up raycasting against three.js meshes.

mozilla/janus-plugin-sfu 94

Janus plugin to act as a kind of SFU for game networking data.

mozilla/janus-plugin-rs 34

Rust crate for wrapping the Janus C plugin API, so you can build Janus plugins in Rust.

mqp/janus-helloworld-plugin 25

Simplest possible plugin for Janus. Intended as a instructional sample for plugin builders.

but0n/recastCLI.js 23

CLI tool & Node.js addon to generate navigation mesh

InfiniteLee/ammo-debug-drawer 19

A three.js implementation of the btIDebugDraw interface in ammo.js

InfiniteLee/three-to-ammo 12

Convert THREE.Mesh to Ammo.btCollisionShape

InfiniteLee/buffered-interpolation 10

A class for interpolation of position, rotation, and scale for networked THREE.js objects.

excinera/electro-magistrate 4

Chatware suite automating cross-chat bridging, moderation, movie nights and more.

mqp/advent-2019 1

Advent of Code 2019 solutions.

issue commentmozilla/janus-plugin-sfu

Plugin no longer loads with latest libnice and janus-gateway

No, thanks for the reminder. I see there have been a few new Janus releases since then, but no further plugin updates. I'll do it this week unless there's some unforeseen complication.


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fork mqp/diptwit

Fetches RSS items and posts them to Twitter.

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