Michael Gray mishagray New York, NY

mishagray/DCRoundSwitch 15

A 'modern' replica of UISwitch.

mishagray/BoltsExtras 8

Some cool extras for Bolts

mishagray/Add-Art 1

Add-Art is a Firefox plugin that replaces ads on websites with rotating curated art images.

mishagray/BCTabBarController 1

a Tweetie-style tab bar for the iPhone

mishagray/GrowingTextView 1

An UITextView which grows/shrinks with the text and starts scrolling when the content reaches a certain number of lines. Similar to the one Apple uses in the SMS-app. See blog-post for a small screencast.

mishagray/HandBrake 1

This is an official mirror of the HandBrake Subversion Repository. Please note, this is currently read-only.

mishagray/AFIncrementalStore 0

Core Data Persistence with AFNetworking, Done Right

mishagray/AFNetworking 0

A delightful networking framework for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

mishagray/AFOAuth1Client 0

AFNetworking Extension for OAuth 1.0a Authentication

mishagray/AFOAuth1Client-mgray 0

private for now.