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mikealmond/MusicBrainz 61

A PHP library to access MusicBrainz's Web Service v2

mikealmond/color 17

A simple PHP 7.0+ library to manage colors and generate palettes

laravel/spark-aurelius-mollie 10

Laravel Spark, Mollie edition

mikealmond/twig-color-extension 5

A series of Twig filters and tests for color manipulations

mikealmond/CoverArtArchive 4

A PHP library to access the CoverArtArchive API

mikealmond/alloy 0

REST-centered modular Hierarchal MVC PHP 5.3 framework

mikealmond/ansible-newrelic 0

Ansible role which installs and configures New Relic Server Monitoring Daemon

mikealmond/barcode 0

Laravel 5 Barcode Generator

mikealmond/bugmagnet 0

Bug Magnet Chrome Extension


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release necolas/react-native-web


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fork paulirish/ecma402-fix-lookup-matcher

Ecma-402 proposal for fixing its LookupMatcher algorithm (9.2.2 and 9.2.3)

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PR opened mikealmond/MusicBrainz

fix search, add missing entities

some additions and fixes i made for the Ampache audio/video application

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fork SePHTaN/MusicBrainz

A PHP library to access MusicBrainz's Web Service v2

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issue openedmikealmond/MusicBrainz

Missing valid include for lookup of recording

According to isrcs is an allowed entitity when doing a lookup of recordings:

Subqueries /ws/2/recording artists, releases, isrcs, url-rels But in Musicbrainz.php this entity is missing in the ValidIncludes array for the recording entity.

It would be great if you add it so it can be used for reverse identifying an track and the associated mb_recordingid as the isrc is more often in file tags than mb id's. I can also fork your repository, patch and do a pull request if that is your preferred way.

Thanks in advance Stephan

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fork mathiasbynens/bidiInChromeContext

experiments with running BiDi-CDP mapper in Chrome tab

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issue openedmikealmond/twig-color-extension

unable to intall with php 8


I wanted to install the extension using PHP 8. Unfortunately, your composer.json restricts PHP to version 7.

The code is fully PHP 8 compatible, could you please update the composer.json to "php" : ">=7.0" ?

Thank you!

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fork paulirish/dom-drag

An old (but simple and still useful) drag library for JavaScript

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fork mathiasbynens/NotANumber

An interactive blog on computer science and web dev 💡

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release kayrob/kcal


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