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microsoft/playwright-sharp 572

.NET version of the Playwright testing and automation library.

microsoft/azure_arc 245

Automated Azure Arc environments

microsoft/graspologic 192

Python package for graph statistics

microsoft/Reference-Guide-For-Quantum-Computing-A-Microsoft-Garage-Project 160

This repository hosts the Reference Guide for Quantum Computing, a Microsoft Garage project

microsoft/terraform-provider-azuredevops 140

Terraform Azure DevOps provider

microsoft/FigmaSharp 122

Create apps with Figma

Azure-Samples/MachineLearningSamples-ChurnPrediction 30


Azure-Samples/azure-cosmosdb-graph-bulkexecutor-dotnet-getting-started 20

.NET sample of Bulk Executor Utility for Azure Cosmos DB Gremlin API

Azure-Samples/azure-sdk-for-java-storage-blob-upload-download 14

How to upload and download blobs from Azure Blob Storage with Java

microsoft/ps-rule 8

Validate infrastructure as code (IaC) and DevOps repositories using GitHub Actions.