Mitchel Humpherys mgalgs @directangular California Pizza feast.

mgalgs/diffview-mode 38

View diffs side-by-side in Emacs

mgalgs/.emacs.d 9

my emacs configuration

mgalgs/archstuff 2

Some of my "stuff" (PKGBUILDs, scripts, etc) for Arch Linux.

mgalgs/.conkerorrc 1

my conkeror configuration

mgalgs/ace-jump-mode 1

a quick cursor jump mode for emacs

mgalgs/ack-and-a-half 1

ack.el + full-ack.el = ack-and-a-half.el (Yet another emacs front-end to ack)

mgalgs/atmega8-bare-bones 1

Bare bones dev board for the AVR Atmega8

mgalgs/conf-files 1

My configuration files.

mgalgs/cower 1

A simple AUR agent with a pretentious name.

mgalgs/ac-octave 0

An auto-complete source for Octave in emacs

issue closedparadoxxxzero/gnome-shell-system-monitor-applet

Not working on Ubuntu 20.10

I did as always did on 20.04. All commands seem to succeed, but even after a restart I don't see it in the toolbar:

Instalation steps on a fresh installation of ubuntu:

git clone
cd gnome-shell-system-monitor-applet/
make install
killall -SIGQUIT gnome-shell

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issue commentparadoxxxzero/gnome-shell-system-monitor-applet

Not working on Ubuntu 20.10

@jaantalvet I found an easy solution to work on 20.10:

sudo apt-get -y install gnome-shell-extension-system-monitor
killall -SIGQUIT gnome-shell  # restarts gnome

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fork technosophos/bindle

Bindle: Object Storage for Collections

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created repositorytechnosophos/example-swift-wasm

Example Swift program built with `yo wasm`

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fork chuckxD/betterttv

BetterTTV enhances Twitch with new features, emotes, and more.

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fork purcell/php-mode

A powerful and flexible Emacs major mode for editing PHP scripts

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created repositoryemacsmirror/xref-rst

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created repositoryemacsmirror/piem

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created repositoryFuco1/brainfuck-befunge

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issue commentetianen/django-s3-storage

Is it possible to use this library for yandex object storage?

I think you can just set the setting AWS_S3_ENDPOINT_URL to the correct URL (ie: I don't have a yandex account so can't really test it. But if the compatibility they claim is correct, this should do it.


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created repositoryemacsmirror/flycheck-grammalecte

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created repositorychuckxD/60121849657221935028128-copy

poopthefirst duplicate

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created repositorychaoscreation/chaoscreation

A site about random number generation

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