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Michael Fiano mfiano USA My repositories are now located at

psilord/game-ideas 2

A place to store org files for game or game engine ideas

AtlantaFP/afp-mapgen 1

A procedural game map generator.

AtlantaFP/afp-utils 1

Our own utility library, as started in the July 16 2018 study group session.

bufferswap/shdr 1

A Common Lisp GLSL Dialect and Compiler

psilord/virality-component-flow 0

Documents about the Component Flow in the Virality Game Engine


started time in 4 hours


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started time in 9 hours

created repositorywearecodenation/M24-dictionary

created time in 13 hours

fork luismbo/ironclad

A cryptographic toolkit written in Common Lisp

fork in 14 hours

created repositorynmunro/testServer

created time in 15 hours

created repositorymdbergmann/sml-gol

Standard ML Gave of Life

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created repositorygigamonkey/monkeylib

Monorepo version of all the old monkeylib-* repos.

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created repositorylispnik/MyGenieApp

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created repositoryIGJoshua/ropes

A high-performance implementation of the rope data structure for Clojure.

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fork guicho271828/mcomix3

fork of mcomix, 3 is the 3 of python3

fork in 5 days

fork guicho271828/tensorboard

TensorFlow's Visualization Toolkit

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created repositorysabracrolleton/clunit2-uax-15

Trying to find the slow spots in how clunit2 runs the uax-15 tests

created time in 6 days

created repositoryborodust/claw

Common Lisp autowrapping facility for C and C++ libraries

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fork mdbergmann/DescribeSML

DescribeSML is a BDD style testing framework for Standard ML

fork in 7 days