Andy Rothfusz metalivedev August Home, Inc. San Francisco, CA

metalivedev/djcelery-redis 3

Redis version of the dotCloud Django and Celery tutorial

metalivedev/dcdumper 2

Adding tools to the dotcloud CLI which make it easier to do backups.

metalivedev/docker-registry-debug 1

Simple debug tool for docker-registry

metalivedev/.dotfiles 0

Bootstrap for life

metalivedev/AR.js 0

Efficient Augmented Reality for the Web - 60fps on mobile!

metalivedev/avs-device-sdk 0

An SDK for commercial device makers to integrate Alexa directly into connected products.

metalivedev/buildessentials 0

Docker container with build essentials

metalivedev/buildpack-python-cloudcontrol 0

cloudControl Python Buildpack

metalivedev/cc-documentation 0

cloudControl PaaS documentation in GFM


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